I have tried out tons of facial gels, yet only a few of them have made it to my list of favourites. One such gel which is probably at the top of my list is the Saffron Gel by The Basic Organics.

The effectiveness of this gel has completely bowled me over! Formulated with three amazing ingredients – saffron, turmeric and aloe vera – it is my go-to gel whenever my skin feels dull, dehydrated and lifeless.

One application of this and my face instantly brightens up!

Let’s dive down further:


The Saffron Gel by The Basic Organics comes in a sturdy transparent tub. It has a screw cap and another lid to prevent spillage. Quite compact and handy, it is your perfect travel companion!


INR 220 for 50 gms.The brand also sells a mini version for 50 INR. In case you want to try it out before investing in the full-sized tub, get the mini one for yourself.

That is a fantastic deal, guys!

Formula & Consistency:

The Saffron Gel by The Basic Organics has a creamy jelly-like consistency. It is perfectly easy for you to spread all over your skin.

The fragrance has a strong whiff of turmeric. Completely natural and not at all overpowering!

How to Use:

  • Instant Glow – Cleanse your face with your regular cleanser. Take a scoop of The Basic Organics Saffron Gel and spread it all over your face. Massage using gentle, circular motions for around 1-2 minutes. After massaging, let your skin absorb the gel for another minute. Now, take a soft, damp cloth & wipe off the excess product from your skin. Follow it up with your toner, serum and moisturizer. This routine can be followed day or night, and even before makeup.
  • Calm yourSkin – If you have had a bad bout of sunburn or your skin is tingling right after a hair removal treatment, take a liberal amount of the Saffron Gel and apply a thick layer on all your affected areas. Leave it on for around 15 minutes. Wipe off the excess product with a damp cloth. Repeat twice a day till the burning or tingling sensation subsides.
  • A Burst of Hydration – If your skin is feeling dull and dehydrated after a tiring day, use this amazing Saffron Gel as a sleeping mask. Cleanse and tone your face as usual. Then, rather than applying your moisturizer, apply a thick layer of this gel all over your face and go off to sleep. You will wake up the next morning with radiant, soft and supple skin.
  • Brighten your Knees and Elbows – Apply The Basic Organics Saffron Gel on your knees and elbows twice a day to brighten them up.

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I have been loving facial gels lately because of their multifaceted properties. One such gel which has captured my heart in all its glory is the Saffron Gel by @the.basic.organics! ✨ ✨ This one is such an amazing product for your skin. Infused with the goodness of saffron, turmeric and aloe vera, it is my knight in shining armour. Well, literally, because it makes my face glow after just one use. It is my go-to skin product after a long, tiring day at work. It kind of pulls out all the fatigue from my face, making it look peppy and bright! ✨ ✨ I love to use this product as a massage gel – scoop out a bit of it and massage my face in gentle motions. It instantly makes my face appear brighter, more radiant, glowy and fresh. It is the perfect product to be applied pre-makeup for a dewy and natural finish. ✨ ✨ I have also observed that the Saffron Gel calms down my breakouts. I tend to get a few pimples on my t-zone, and whenever I apply this gel, the inflammation reduces considerably. I follow it up with a toner, serum, moisturizer and a spot treatment. ✨ ✨ Affordable and amazing, the Basic Organics Saffron Gel deserves a place of pride in all your vanities. I have been using it consistently for around 2 months, and my skin speaks for itself. The glow is evident! ✨ ✨ For a more detailed review of the product and specific instructions on how to it, hit the link in our bio! . . #skincareroutine #skinregimen #glowingskin #skincarelover #glowingskincare #getglowing #getglowingskin #howtogetglowingskin #gettheglow #facial #facialathome #skinglow #skincaretips #facepack #homeremedies #homeremediesforyou #beautytips #beautysecret #diyfacemask #facemask #indianbeautyguru #indianbeautysecrets #organicskincare #beautytipsandtricks #fruitfacemask #fruitmask #beautifulskin #homeremediesforskin #beautysecrets #paintedcharisma

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  • Instant Brightening – Once a day (morning or night)
  • Calm your Skin – Twice a day
  • A burst of Hydration – Once / twice a week
  • Brighten your Knees and Elbows – Twice a day

After-effects of The Basic Organics Saffron Gel:

I have been using the Saffron Gel for its skin brightening, hydrating and calming properties. It has performed brilliantly in all these aspects.

The glow that the Saffron Gel lends to your face is instantaneous and lasts for a long, long time. I use it primarily at night as a massage gel. My skin immediately brightens up, and I have been getting tons of compliments for the natural glow on my face!

I also love to use it as a pre-makeup mask. Oh, my makeup glides on like butter, and there is such a beautiful, natural finish to it!

You can even recommend this product to every member in your family – your husband/partner, your parents, young teenage kids and even your elderly grandparents. I guarantee that each one of them is absolutely going to love it!

Final Verdict:

You HAVE to get this product, guys! There are no second thoughts about it. This gel will benefit each one of you irrespective of your skin type!

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