Every woman wants to look and feel gorgeous and her best. But because of a busy lifestyle, it can be easy to fall into bad habits, it is important to take necessary to improve your overall health and wellness. Here below we are going to highlight some simple health Tips for Women to stay healthy and fit.

Having a healthy mind, body, and soul is the best thing ever! It keeps you happy, makes you productive and creates a life which is full of possibilities. However, the million-dollar question is – how to achieve it?

You already have a packed schedule from morning to night. You have work deadlines to meet, family to take care of and a million other things screaming for your attention.

5 Simple Health Tips for Women:

There is no doubt that all you women out there are absolute rockstars! You are strong, capable and amazing multitaskers! You juggle work and family with ease. However, there is one small detail that almost any woman misses out on.

Any guesses?

Health tips for women

The answer is – making time for yourself. It is perhaps the most important, yet underrated thing out there. You need to focus more on yourself, love yourself a little more and create an overall healthier life.

We have some simple health tips for women to enable you to live a happier and healthier life:

1] Drink A LOT of Water:

It is perhaps one of the most cliched Daily health tips for women ever. But if you have not followed this regularly, you have got no idea of its benefits.

Drink water like a fish, they say. Well, not exactly, but, almost as much!

Drink at least 3 litres of water every day. Do this religiously for two weeks, and you will definitely notice a difference.

Health tips for women

Let us have a look at why drinking water is amongst the most recommended Natural health tips for Girls:

  • Improves Skin – Struggling with dull and dehydrated skin? Drinking enough water keeps your skin moisturized, glowing and beautiful.
  • Flushes Toxins – You drink more water, you pee more! It reduces the risk of UTIs and kidney stones.
  • Increases Energy – Ever wondered where people who sweat it out at the gym get their energy? Drinking enough water is a significant factor! Keeping yourself hydrated increases energy and reduces fatigue.
  • Enhances Concentration – Can you believe that your brain is made up of around 75% water? No wonder, that drinking more water helps in enhanced concentration and thinking ability.
  • Improves Metabolism – In simple terms, drinking more water can help you lose weight to an extent. Drinking enough water has been found to increase the number of calories you burn. It also acts as an appetite suppressant.

If you are still not motivated enough to indulge in this simplest of all Simple health tips for women, you are missing out on a lot.

2] Move that Body:

Working out does not have to be boring, ladies! It can be one of the best Daily health tips for women.

Play your favourite song at full volume and dance your heart out! Hop, skip and jump like no one’s watching. If you have kids, nothing will make them happier than joining you for these impromptu sessions.

Take a mere 10 minutes from your busy schedule. Work that body like it’s no one’s business.

Health tips for women

One of the daily health tips for women is cardio. We have a very effective quick cardio routine for you. And, no, you do not have to hit the gym or require any professional equipment for this.

Attempt 2-3 reps (20 per rep) of each of these. Increase gradually. Keep a 10-20 second break between each rep.

  • Spot Jogging
  • Jumping Jack
  • High Knees
  • Burpees
  • Crunches

Combine it with a plank each day to strengthen your core. Your goal should be to hold it for 60 seconds each day.

If you have an accessible staircase, run through it at least twice per day.

A 30-minute session of a brisk walk or a run can work wonders. Walking is amongst the most recommended health tips for working women.

Health tips for women

Working out requires self-motivation, ladies. However, once you start noticing results, you will not be able to stop. Persistence is key here!

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3] Eat Well:

Remember that excessive dieting is not healthy! It is one of the most commonly misconstrued health tips for girls.

The key is to eat in moderation. Keep an occasional cheat day to gorge on that delicious cheesy pizza. One cheat day in a week works well.

Some simple changes in your diet will make a huge difference.

Cut down on sugar as much as possible. Avoid fried and processed food items. Replace your regular cooking oil with olive, coconut, rice bran or mustard oil.

Do not eat heavy meals at one go. The key is to snack throughout the day. Nuts, fruits, salads, sprouts, and roasted makhana make for some delicious snacking options.

Health tips for women

Do you know one of the most endorsed Daily health tips for women? Your breakfast should be the heaviest meal and dinner the lightest.

Switch from white rice to brown rice. Avoid refined flour (maida). Replace your regular atta with multi-grain atta. If you are a non-vegetarian, opt for non-fried lean meat options. Grilled or baked options with minimal oil are the best. Increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, and dal in your diet.

Limit the intake of caffeine after lunch. Replace your coffee breaks with green or other varieties of herbal tea.

A proper diet combined with exercise is one of the Natural health tips for girls.

4] Get Proper Sleep:

How many of you are to blame for not getting around 7-9 hours of sleep every day? If we ask you to raise hands, I can visualize almost 80% of all women doing so!

Remember those days when you were irritable and cranky just because you did not sleep well the previous night? A peaceful night’s sleep is one of the leading natural health tips for women.

Health tips for women

A few tips for getting a peaceful night of sleep:

  • Establish a fixed routine. Your sleep and wake-up time should be the same each day. Apart from the occasional night of partying, of course!
  • Do not smoke or consume caffeine before sleeping.
  • Weed out any disturbances. If you are a light sleeper, get a pair of earplugs to keep out all noises.
  • Create a warm and comfortable sleeping environment.

The best way to eliminate dark circles, boost your mood, have better physical and mental health and a sharper brain?

The answer is a no-brainer. Proper sleep, of course!

5] Schedule Regular Health Check-ups:

There is no proverb truer than “a stitch in time saves nine.”

It also applies to our list of daily health tips for women. By regular, we do not mean going for a check-up every month. A health check-up every six months to one year is fine.

Some important exams that are mandatory for women are a breast as well as a pelvic exam and a pap smear. As per the American Cancer Society, a woman should get a pap smear done once every three years. This is apart from the regular cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure checks.

Do not ignore yourself, ladies. Your health should be your utmost concern.

Health tips for women

These simple health tips every woman should know are essential factors in building a more confident and radiant you. Laugh more often, control your stress levels, catch up with friends and family and do things that make you cheerful and content. Do not compromise on your happiness at any cost!

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