If you don’t have enough time to get ready for the party. Unlock flawless skin with these quick beauty tips for face.

We love taking the time to get ready for a party. But well, that snooze button on our mobiles has played the devil more times than one. And, on other days, a message for a dinner gossip session with the besties suddenly pops up on our WhatsApp.

How we wished for some Quick Beauty Tips for Face, hair and our overall look.

I am pretty sure that all women have been in such a beauty situation some time or the other. Well, we’ve got your back this time around.

5 Amazing Quick Beauty Tips for Face at Home:

The next time when you have just a few minutes to spruce yourself up, keep calm. We have a list of some wonderful beauty tips for face at home and some beauty to-dos!

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These beauty tips will also come in handy for those no-fuss women who hate spending time in front of the mirror. Read on for the perfect beauty cheat sheet, and some quick beauty tips for face:

1]  Brighten up the Pearly Whites:

The key to a beautiful face is a lovely smile. And when you are smiling, you do not want to show a row of yellow teeth which is an absolute beauty disaster. It brings back memories of those toothpaste advertisements I used to watch as a child. With absolute horror, may I add!

We have a very simple solution to this beauty disaster. Mix a bit of activated charcoal powder with your regular toothpaste. Brush your teeth once before heading out. Just wet your toothbrush, dip it in the charcoal powder and apply your toothpaste on top of that.

Quick beauty tips for face

Do remember that to get the best results; you should follow this beauty tip regularly. However, in case of an emergency, this does work as a quick brightening tool. It is indeed one of the best beauty tips for face.

There are tons of activated charcoal powder available in the market. Our favourite though is the BeautyCo Charcoal Powder. It works like absolute magic.

2] Get the Glow:

Does your face look dull and lifeless after a hard day’s work? It can be fixed as quick as five minutes.

All you need is a sheet mask – a beauty staple for glowing skin. Yes, the same stuff that has taken the world by storm. People have vouched for it to be amongst the best beauty tips for face glow. It is originally a Korean beauty product. Let us thank our stars that K beauty decided to launch in India.

How to get Glowing Skin at Home

Look for a sheet mask that says brightening. You should ideally apply a sheet mask for at least 15-20 minutes. But in case of a hurry, even a 5-minute beauty session would do. It is one of the best beauty tips for face; to get better-looking skin in no time.

Quick Beauty Tips for Face

If you have to apply your makeup immediately after, gently absorb the excess serum with a soft cloth/tissue. You can avoid a moisturizer after a sheet mask. Your makeup will glide on really smooth.

Use the excess serum in the packet and apply it on your elbows, knees, and neck. Another of our best beauty tips for face, we can go on and on singing praises for our favourite K beauty products.

Korean brands such as Innisfree and Face Shop make brilliant sheet masks. You can also check out the recent beauty launch by Nykaa. I love their dual ingredient sheet masks.

3] Hydration is Key:

You know how important water is for the body. Drinking enough water is also amongst the much-recommended beauty tips for face.

Hydration is vital for the skin as well. Face mists are the answer to an immediate hydrating requirement. They also close all your pores – an essential beauty requirement.

If you are using a harsh toner with alcohol, it is about time you invest in an organic face mist. Look out for either rose or lavender as the main ingredient. Ensure that the ingredients are cold-pressed.

Quick beauty tips for face

Make a face mist a part of your regular skincare routine. Use it anytime during the day to quickly revitalize and hydrate your face. So, the next time your face feels dry and parched, you know one of the best beauty tips for face glow.

Our favourite face mists are the ones by Forest Essentials and Kama Ayurveda.

4] Do Away with Panda Eyes:

We all know that a long day at work can wreak havoc on your face. The area around your eyes is especially susceptible to signs of fatigue. If your face resembles that of a panda with huge dark circles, we have one of the perfect beauty tips for face at home.

Home Remedies to get rid of Dark Circles

Cut two slices of potato and place it on your eyes for around 5 minutes. Your dark circles will lighten considerably. Use a concealer to hide them entirely, and you are all set to party the night away.

Quick beauty tips for face

Are you fond of green tea and finish cup after cup at work? Refrigerate those tea bags and use them as a quick remedy to get rid of puffy eyes. It is one of the most used beauty tips for face in the summer.

5] Battle the Oil:

Women with an oily scalp will relate to the fact that fighting the oiliness is like fighting the battle of Panipat (quite literally!). The horror of waking up with an oily scalp is like no other. Especially, if you have no time to shampoo and style your hair.

How to get rid of Oily Skin

Have you heard of a magic potion called thedry shampoo? Dry shampoo is life, ladies. If you haven’t already used it, it is high time you jump into the bandwagon.

Quick beauty tips for face

Spray a few pumps of the dry shampoo along your scalp. The nozzle of the bottle should be at least 4-5 centimetres away. Gently massage your scalp after.

With the hairstyle as important, this is another of our quick beauty tips for face.

There you go, ladies! Here is the list of our favourite beauty tips for face, hair and your overall look. The next time you are caught in a situation with little or no time to spruce yourself up, you know how to slay.

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