If you are a makeup novice, it’s crucial to have a worthy List Of Makeup Items For Beginners to create a go-to everyday look. After acquiring the basics of makeup, it is that much easier to add trendy makeup products to your collection for beautiful looks.

If you have just trodden foot into the world of beauty, we understand how baffling everything can be. Deciding on the best product, the ideal makeup technique, selecting the right tool – all of these can put us into quite a predicament.

How to do makeup for Oily Skin

But, do not worry ladies! We are here to break down the world of beauty into pieces that are easy for you to understand.

Must-have List of Makeup Items for Beginners in their Vanity:

We have compiled a list of makeup items for beginners that every woman should have in her stash. Especially, if you are a beginner, these products are must-haves for you.

1] Moisturizer:

Hydrating your face is an absolute must if you want your makeup to glide on smoothly. After all, who wants a patchy and splotchy face, right?

Do not skip the moisturizer in your list of makeup items even if you have an oily face. Sunscreen is a must during the daytime. Opt for a moisturizer with SPF to avoid layering on a lot of products.

List of makeup items for beginners

Invest in a lightweight moisturizer that can be absorbed by the skin quickly.

Confused about how to choose the right moisturizer in your makeup essentials list? Go through the guidelines here.

2] Primer:

You can skip the primer in your list of makeup items if you have flawless skin. A moisturizer ought to do the trick for you.

However, if you have an uneven skin tone, large pores or textures on your face, a primer is an absolute must in your list of makeup items. Your makeup will blend like a dream and also last longer.

If you have dry skin, pick a primer that says ‘hydrating.’ It should be light-weight and creamy. Your skin should look dewy after the application.

All women with oily skin should invest in a mattifying and pore-minimizing primer. It should be water-based. Silicone-based products can clog your pores.

List of makeup items

Luckiest are people with normal skin. Look for a pore blurring and illuminating primer for that extra glow.

For people with sensitive skin, invest in an oil-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free primer. Do you have redness in your face? If yes, opt for a green colour-correcting primer in your list of makeup items. Green will help neutralize the redness for even makeup application.

Pro tip: Choose a water-based foundation with a water-based primer and a silicone-based primer with a silicone-based foundation. The products will otherwise repel each other and will not apply well.

3] Tinted Moisturizer/BB Cream

For all beauty novices, a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream is the best bet in their list of makeup items.

A tinted moisturizer provides light coverage perfect for an everyday look. It is hydrating with a little amount of colour. More often than not, tinted moisturizers also have SPF. It is a great multipurpose product.

List of makeup items for beginners

Alternatively, BB creams provide a slightly higher coverage. It covers your blemishes fairly well and evens out your skin tone. So, for those days when you have breakouts and do not want to use a heavy-duty foundation, a BB cream will do the trick for you.

4] Foundation:

Here comes the holy grail product of all pros in their makeup essentials list. A good foundation can make your skin look flawless.

All the oily skin women should opt for a mattifying foundation. A powder or an oil-free liquid foundation will work the best.

How to Apply Foundation For Beginners

Pick a hydrating foundation if you have dry skin. They mostly come in liquid or cream form. Hydrating foundations are creamy and can make dry skin look dewy.

List of makeup items for beginners

The foundation shade in your list of makeup items should be closest to your skin tone. Never, ever test it on your hand. Swatch it on your jaw, blend it well and get a good look in natural sunlight. Spare some time and wait with the foundation on your skin to check if it oxidizes (gets darker). In case it does, opt for a lighter shade.

Do not opt for a full coverage foundation if you are a beginner. Start with a sheer or a medium coverage one in your list of makeup items. Master the art of application and then build your collection gradually.

Pro tip: Are you finding it challenging to get the perfect shade match? Mix two foundations closest to your skin tone to achieve the ideal shade for you.

5] Concealer:

Concealer is a magic product. It covers up all our sins, be it dark circles, pimples or blemishes.

Do you have days when you are just not in the mood for layering products? On such days, moisturize your face well, and spot-conceal all the troubled areas on your face.

A concealer should typically be one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Swatch the product on the under eyes and blend it well. Observe in natural sunlight to check if you have the correct shade.

List of makeup items for beginners

Liquid concealers are usually better than cream ones. They are easy to blend and do not settle into fine lines as easily.

Set the concealer with a loose, or a pressed powder if it tends to settle into your fine lines and creases.

Pro tip: If your under eyes look ashy on concealer application, use a bit of peach or orange colour corrector first. It will neutralize the dark surface, and the concealer will brighten them perfectly.

6] Eyeshadow Palette:

During the beginning of your makeup journey, invest in a nude eyeshadow palette for your list of makeup items. You will have enough options to experiment and create some beautiful eye looks.

If you are purchasing it online, ensure that you read all the customer reviews, especially regarding the pigmentation. In case of an offline purchase for your list of makeup items, swatch all the colours from the tester palette to ensure that they transfer well.

List of makeup items for beginners

Pro tip: Look for a palette that has a golden/bronze glitter shadow. It can also double up as a highlighter. Apply just a bit initially, and then gradually build it up.

7] Mascara:

Mascara can open up your eyes like nothing else. For a nude, natural look, apply some mascara and a brown eye shadow on your eyelid and the lower lash line.

A volumizing mascara in your list of makeup items is the best bet for a beginner. It will give volume to your lashes opening up your eyes. You can also look for curling mascara if you have comparatively longer lashes.

List of makeup items for beginners - mascara

Do not forget to apply mascara on your lower lashes. It does require some bit of practice, but once you have mastered the art, you and your mascara would be inseparable.

8] Kajal and Eyeliner:

A kajal and an eyeliner are the basics in your list of makeup items. Whether you want to nail an elaborate smokey eye look, or a soft, warm look, they will come in handy.

If you are a beginner, a liquid eyeliner might be a little tricky to use. Invest in a good felt-tip eyeliner. It is easy to use, and the outcome is as good as a liquid eyeliner.

List of makeup items for beginners

Kajal is perhaps the one thing that almost every Indian girl has in their list of makeup items. A black kajal is a must-have. As and when you build your makeup stash, invest in a brown, blue and green kajal as well. These, along with your eyeshadow palette will help you nail almost any makeup look.

Pro tip: An effortless way to do a smokey eye is to use a small brush and smudge the kajal on your eyelid. Use some eyeshadow to do away with any harsh lines.

9] Lipstick:

As a beginner, invest in a nude, pink and red lipstick. With these in your list of makeup items, you do not have to worry at all!

Keep your nudes and other light-coloured lipsticks for the daytime. If you want to switch from a daytime to a night-time look, just put on red lipstick to instantly brighten your face.

List of makeup items for beginners

If you have a bold, elaborate eye makeup going on, keep your lips comparatively softer and vice versa.

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You can also use a pink/coral lipstick as blush.

Pro tip: Do you often feel that your lipstick does not last too long? Just apply some lipstick, put a soft tissue on your lips, and smear some loose powder with a brush. Apply another coat once you are done.

There you go! We have compiled this list of makeup items essential for every beginner. Invest in some good quality makeup tools – sponges, brushes, etc. to hit the nail with every look that you create.

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