I love physical scrubs because of the fact that my t-zone is home to tons of blackheads and whiteheads. I have tried extracting them, scrubbing them, and probably everything else but they inevitably end up coming back. This is even though I have normal to dry skin! Only God knows the state of affairs if I had oily skin.

Also, scrubs leave me with a clean skin feeling that I absolutely love. Off late, I have been trying out the MCaffeine Naked & Raw Face Scrub and my love for scrubs has increased even more. This one is such a fantastic product!

Let’s dive down further:


The product comes in a tube packaging. Very convenient to use, and extremely travel-friendly!


INR 349 for 100 gms. So affordable and high quality!

Formula & Consistency:

The texture of this scrub looks tempting enough to eat. It is creamy, buttery and feels so good on your skin.

The microparticles are tiny and do not hurt your skin at all.

The fragrance is to die for. It is like coffee, but only better!

How to Use:

  • Cleanse your face with your regular cleanser.
  • Take a dime-sized amount of the MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face Scrub and spread it on your wet face & neck.
  • Massage thoroughly for about a minute. Use a very light hand while massaging your face.
  • Rinse off, tone and moisturize.
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I love myself a good face scrub. Even after having dry to normal skin, my t-zone is a hotbed for blackheads and whiteheads. I scrub my face twice a week to keep all those impurities away. ✨ ✨ One face mask which has completely won my heart is the @mcaffeineofficial Naked & Raw Coffee Face Scrub. One minute with this delicious coffee scrub and the texture of my face becomes extremely smooth. My skin feels nourished and clean. Dullness is a thing of the past. It keeps those stubborn blackheads and whiteheads at bay! ✨ ✨ The microparticles exfoliate your skin extremely well without being too harsh. One tip to always remember while scrubbing your face is to use a light hand to avoid any microtears on your skin. ✨ ✨ Since I have dry to normal skin, I am always wary about products drying out my skin further. This one does exactly the opposite. It leaves my skin feeling more nourished than ever. The glow is clearly visible, and it keeps the texture of my face smooth until the next scrubbing session. ✨ ✨ This product will also be extremely beneficial for people with oily skin. It will unclog your pores, exfoliate all the dirt, grime & dead skin cells and give you silky smooth skin. The fragrance is to die for and the best thing about MCaffeine products is their affordability with such amazing quality. On top of that, they are SLS, paraben and cruelty-free. How can you not love such a product? ✨ ✨ If you have been looking for an effective face scrub, get this one already. You'll love it! ✨ ✨ There's a detailed review on our blog with specific instructions on how to use it. Hit the link in our bio! . . #mcaffeine #mcaffeineofficial #facescrub #exfoliate #skincareroutine #skinregimen #glowingskin #skincarelover #glowingskincare #getglowing #getglowingskin #gettheglow #skinbrightening #skinglow #skincaretips #beautytips #beautysecret #indianbeautyguru #indianbeautysecrets #organicskincare #beautytipsandtricks #naturalglow #beautifulskin #beautysecrets #beautyhacks #glowingskintips #indianskincare #acnetreatment #pimplemarks #paintedcharisma

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Once/twice a week

After-effects of the MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face Scrub:

Although the brand recommends this product for normal to oily skin, it works amazingly well on my normal to dry skin. It leaves my face feeling clean & smooth, eliminating all my blackheads and whiteheads. My face instantly brightens up and feels nourished.

The MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face Scrub does not dry out my skin any further. You can also use it to prep your skin before makeup. It will exfoliate all your dead skin cells and flakiness, leaving you with fresh, radiant skin.

It is the perfect scrub for people with oily skin. It will remove the excess oil from your face, unclog all your pores and leave you with smooth, glowing skin. It has some amazing ingredients that work exceptionally well together, such as, pure Arabica coffee, walnut extracts, hibiscus extracts, argan oil and Vitamin E.

If you have a teenage daughter, you can even recommend this product to her. After a long, hard day of school, this one is the perfect product to pamper her skin.

Final Verdict:

It must be quite evident, but we cannot emphasize enough on how much we love the MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face Scrub. Start using this scrub right away and say HELLO to fresh, glowing and radiant skin!

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