One of the most prized ingredients of Ayurveda is Aloe Vera, which is commonly known as Ghritkumari in Hindi. It is capable of doing magic to your Health as well as for Beauty. Now day Aloe Vera is used as an important ingredient for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Here in this article, we are going to list some of the best Benefits of Aloe vera juice for skin, Hair and Health.

In today’s world of practicality and viability, our childhood concepts of fairy tales and magic have gone out the window. We have stopped thinking about miracles, unicorns, and magical plants. Nostalgic, much? Well, what if I tell you that in the 21st century, here and now, there is a magic element right under your noses. You probably encounter it every other day too!

Aloe vera juice benefits

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice:-

I am talking about the magical “aloe vera” – the ‘miracle plant’ in the truest sense of the term. We cannot thank the person enough who first discovered the magical properties of aloe vera. Whether we talk about aloe vera juice benefits or direct extract from the plant, it is perfect for your overall health.  Aloe vera can perform wonders on your skin and hair. The best thing about aloe vera is that it is readily available. It is humble, non-fussy and can be grown almost anywhere.

Let us break down the benefits of drinking aloe vera juice for Hair, Skin and Health:

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice for Health:

1] Digestive System:

Aloe vera has anti-parasitic and anti-microbial properties. These properties enhance the cleaning of the digestive tract and subsequently boost digestion. Aloe vera can also help eliminate harmful bacteria in our gut and enhance the circulation of good bacteria. Start including a glass of aloe vera juice in your diet every day. You will start reaping all aloe vera juice benefits for health in no time.

Aloe vera for digestive system

2] Heals Burns:

Just had a bad burn from touching the hot utensil in the kitchen? Immediately rub some aloe vera gel on your wound and bid it goodbye real soon. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. It accelerates the healing process.

Aloe vera for burn healing

3] Reduction of Dental Plaque:

Almost all of us had had days when we were too conscious of smiling. A primary reason for this was the build-up of plaque in our teeth. Use aloe vera juice as a mouth rinse, and watch your plaques decrease by the day. Aloe vera kills the evils responsible for plaque build-up (a bacterium called Streptococcus Mutants and yeast called Candida Albicans). Health benefits of aloe vera juice are truly never-ending.

Aloe vera for dental plaque

4] Mouth Blisters:

How annoying are those blisters/ulcers that keep popping up in our mouth time and again? Pick up some aloe vera gel and apply it on the affected area. Your recovery will be much faster. Aloe vera will also help in controlling the pain from the ulcer. Reducing mouth blisters are one for the Aloe vera juice benefits for health.

Aloe vera for mouth blisters

Aloe Vera Juice Benefits for Skin:

1] Reduces Sunburn:

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties which makes it a beneficial agent for treating tans and sunburns. Apply aloe vera gel directly on the tanned area. Do this regularly and watch your tan fade away.

Aloe vera for reducing sunburn

2] Moisturizing:

Many people consider aloe vera as their go-to moisturizer. Directly extract the gel from the aloe plant to apply it on your face. Alternatively, you can also buy a cosmetic aloe vera moisturizer. Ensure that all market bought products have an aloe vera constituency of 90 to 100%.

Aloe vera for moisturising face and body

3] Anti-Aging:

We all know that aging is a natural process that cannot be reversed. What we can do, however, is slow down the process. Start including aloe vera juice in your diet. Watch aloe vera juice benefits for Skin create magic. Incorporate it in your skincare routine as well. Aloe vera helps to increase the production of collagen which slows down the aging process.

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Aloe vera as anti-aging agent

4] Reduces Acne:

Because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, aloe vera is the perfect element for reducing acne. Rather than using it on its own, mix aloe vera juice/gel with a few drops of tea tree oil or any anti-acne cream for faster results. Read Home Remedies for Acne here.

Aloe vera for reducing acne

Aloe Vera Juice Benefits for Hair:

1] Reduced Hair Loss:

Use aloe vera juice on its own or in combination with castor oil to reduce hair loss. Aloe vera helps in removing dead cells from the scalp. It leads to reduced hair fall and enhanced hair growth.

Aloe vera for reducing hair fall

2] Reduces Dandruff:

Dandruff may occur due to oily scalp, sweat, dead skin cells or any infection. Using aloe vera juice will clean your scalp thoroughly. Also, because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera can even cure any other infection. Benefits of aloe vera juice for hair is tremendous.

Aloe vera for reducing dandruff

3] Reduces Dryness:

Aloe vera is rich in moisture and a variety of vitamins and minerals. It helps in protecting and retaining moisture levels in a dry scalp. It is one of the best aloe vera Juice benefits for Hair.

Aloe vera for reducing hair dryness

Aloe vera juice benefits one and all!

Nature holds some amazing wonders in its folds. In our quest to achieve unattainable beauty standards, we often forget to give a second thought to these humble wonders. We are attracted by the glitz and glamour of advertisements for the many cosmetic products. The fancy packaging and tall claims only lure us further.

We are in no way bashing any commercial product. There are some amazing products out there that do wonders for our skin and bodies. They definitely live up to their promises.

Aloe vera juice benefits

What I am advocating is though, do not ignore the humble ingredients available in abundance all around us. Just like benefits of aloe vera juice, all other ‘nani ke nuskhe’ is a real craze now. All our favourite celebrities swear by these humble remedies of nature. They incorporate them religiously into their diet and self-care regimen.

It is high time you jump the bandwagon and embrace the beauties of nature. After all, it is not fair to ignore the incredible aloe vera juice benefits for skin, hair, and health.

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