Painted Charisma is a passion project, born out of an eternal love for all things beauty. It is about going beyond the traditional concept of beauty and focusing on a much more evolved idea.

We believe in the mantra of “Happy women are the prettiest.” The 21st century is all about strong and confident women who believe in empowering other women, inspiring the people around them and chasing their dreams with full fervor. Beauty, in today’s world, is about being happy from within. It is about embracing who you are and loving yourself the most.


Painted Charisma is here to hold your hand in every step of this journey of empowerment and self-love, of discovering yourself, and letting loose your uninhabited side. It is a one-stop destination for fun makeup and styling tips, beneficial skin and hair care advice and some fabulous health and wellness recommendations.

Every girl/woman is special, and we have something in store for each one of you. So, go ahead, spread the love and positivity all around!!

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