Every woman wants to have clear glowing skin. It may be elusive but is entirely achievable. Are you someone currently in the quest for healthy and glowing skin? Do you get confused by the tons of products available in the market? But do you believe if I tell that Home remedies for glowing skin are the best solution?

Well, you heard it right. You can achieve glowing skin with the help of a few simple ingredients from your kitchen! Sounds too good to be true, right?

You might have already guessed! We are talking about your favourite fruits here. Apart from being delicious and having great nutritional value, fruits are the best home remedies for glowing skin in summer.

Home remedies for glowing skin

So, the next time you go out to buy that expensive face mask, just run through your kitchen once. It is incredible to learn the miracles that our most-loved fruits can perform.

Let us go through 5 amazing home remedies for glowing skin with the help of our favourite fruits:

1] Papaya and Honey:

Yes, we know that papaya may not be your favourite fruit. However, the next time your mom gets a bag of papayas from the market, do not make a sour face.

Papaya can work magic on your skin. It has rich water content perfect for hydrating. The enzyme in papaya called ‘papain’ will also brighten and exfoliate your face like no other.

Papaya is your best answer to how to get glowing skin naturally at Home. It contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) which break down dead skin cells, preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

papaya and honey for glowing skin

Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties ideal for controlling acne. It also acts as a natural exfoliator and hydrator.

To reap the goodness of both these miraculous ingredients, mash half a cup of papaya and add 2 spoons of honey. Apply on your face for 15 minutes. Gently rinse off once it is dry.

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2] Cucumber and Yoghurt:

Surprised that we have included cucumber in the fruit edition? While many of you might think of cucumbers as vegetables, the truth is that scientifically, they are a type of fruit.

Do you know that cucumber has 96% water content? If you have dry skin, the cucumber is one of the best home remedies for glowing skin. Use it for a go-to burst of hydration. The wonderful cucumber can also work wonders for all acne prone and sensitive skin ladies. It significantly lowers your sebum levels which help in controlling acne. 

Use it when you have to get rid of sun tan or any scars. It is a natural bleaching and soothing agent.

Cucumber and yoghurt for glowing skin

Yoghurt is another of our favourite glowing skin secrets. It contains Vitamin B and lactic acid that dissolves dead skin cells. Make way for beautifully exfoliated and glowing skin.

The component of zinc helps cool sunburns. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties also make it a warrior against acne.

Mash half a cucumber, including the peel in a blender. Add a spoonful of yoghurt. Mix well, and apply on your face. Let it dry for 15 minutes. Rinse off gently.

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3] Banana and Lemon:

The humble banana has several vitamins (A, B and E) that makes it one of the best answers for how to get glowing skin naturally.

It has a long list of benefits. It helps fade blemishes, moisturize and smoothen skin, control signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines and fight free radical damage.

The banana peel has zinc which is a wonder element to control acne. Rub the inner surface of a banana peel to your pimples. It will destroy the bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Banana and lemon for glowing skin

Lemon contains citric acid which brightens your skin and evens out discolouration. It is a powerful ingredient to lighten dark spots and blemishes. Lemon juice can also help control excess oil on your face.

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Mash 1 banana, and add 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice. Apply all over your face. Rinse once dry.

This face mask is one of the best home remedies for glowing skin at Home. Use it as a part of your night skincare routine. Your skin can get irritated if you expose it to sunlight after using lemon.

4] Tomato and Oats:

Tomato is another fruit which is often confused for being a vegetable.

This versatile food item is one of the most popular home remedies for glowing skin in one day. Tomatoes contain Vitamin C and potassium which brightens your skin tone. It also controls excess oil, making it the perfect element for controlling acne, whiteheads, and blackheads. On top of that, it also exfoliates your skin.

Tomatoes have a miraculous antioxidant called lycopene which is one of the best anti-aging products. It also enables the skin to absorb oxygen. If you want to get and maintain youthful skin, add the tomato to your beauty regime immediately.

Tomato and oats for glowing skin

Oatmeal is one of the best home remedies for glowing skin for oily skin. It exfoliates the skin getting rid of any blackheads and whiteheads in the process.

Take one small tomato and make a smooth paste in the blender. Add 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and mix well. Ensure that there are no lumps. Apply the face pack and rinse off after 10 mins. While rinsing, scrub well to get rid of any impurities.

This face mask is suitable for people with normal to oily skin.

5] Watermelon and Raw Milk:

One reason for loving summers is getting to gorge on this delicious fruit. It is cool, refreshing, and soothes your soul.

Well, watermelon has the same benefits for your skin as well. It hydrates, brightens and calms your skin. A watermelon has tons of antioxidants, such as lycopene which is an excellent anti-aging product. It also has Vitamin A and Vitamin C – exceptional ingredients for brightening and anti-aging. It also fights skin pigmentation.

Watermelon and milk for glowing skin

Raw milk is one of the best natural remedies for glowing skin for oily skin. It is rich in several vitamins (A, B, D) which moisturizes, brightens, and hydrates your skin. It is a great anti-aging ingredient which boosts the production of collagen and controls fine lines and wrinkles.

Take two tablespoons of fresh watermelon juice and mix it well with one tablespoon of milk. Apply on your face. Let it dry for 15-20 mins. Rinse well.

When two of the best ingredients come together, it is bound to create magic on your skin.

Home remedies for glowing skin

Today, the entire world is going organic and embracing the beauties of nature. Why should you be left behind? Jump on the bandwagon, use these home remedies for glowing skin and bid goodbye to all your skin woes!

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