We all want to look as best as possible in the shortest time. And this can be possible if you know the tricks. Every girl yearns for the Simple beauty tips that will help her to look beautiful with gorgeous skin, shiny hair and nails.

Doing your makeup and beauty regime is usually a lot of fun! But, it can also be super-hard at times. From the foundation not being an exact match to our lashes looking limp, beauty can be tough!

Don’t you wish for some tips that will make your beauty game as easy as 1-2-3?

Simple and Easy Beauty Hacks for Girls:

Well, we are here with some brilliant beauty hacks for girls that will up your enthusiasm like nothing else!

These hacks will never let you down. Come storm or hail; they’ll stick by your side like glue!

Beauty hacks for girls

Let’s take a look at these incredible beauty hacks for girls:

1] Get Fuller Lashes:

Say goodbye to limp eyelashes forever!

Apply 1 coat of mascara. Dip a Q-tip in baby powder and dust it lightly over your lashes. Focus on the tips. Apply a second coat of mascara. Your lashes will instantly amp up!

2] Revive Dry Mascara:

A reasonably new mascara gone dry can break any girl’s heart!

Mix a few drops of contact lens solution to your mascara. Shake the tub well. Your mascara will be as good as new!

Mascara beauty hack

3] Make your Eyes Pop:

One of the best beauty hacks for girls to hide any sign of fatigue! Or a hangover!

Line your lower lashline/waterline with a nude eye pencil. It will instantly make your eyes appear bigger and make them pop.

4] Intensify your Eyeshadow:

A very popular hack to get the maximum colour payoff from your favourite eyeshadow!

Apply white eyeliner over your entire eyelid before applying any eyeshadow. Also, spritz your eyeshadow brush with some setting spray. It will make the colours more vibrant.

Eyeshadow beauty hack

5] Hide Dark Circles Easily:

This is amongst the most underrated beauty hacks for girls.

Do not dot the concealer under your eyes. Instead, apply it in an inverted triangle shape. Blend well. It instantly gives more coverage.

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6] Brighten your Under Eyes:

Do your under eyes look ashy/greyish after using concealer?

Just apply peach/orange colour corrector underneath the concealer. Your eyes will instantly look brighter.

Beauty hacks for girls - concealer

7] Revive Dry Kajal/Eye Pencil:

This is a lesser-known, yet an insanely great beauty hack!

Hold the dried out kajal under a flame (lighter, candle, matchstick, etc.) for 2 seconds. Let it dry for around 10-15 seconds. Your kajal is as good as new.

8] Volumize your Eye Lashes:

This one is probably amongst the most popular beauty hacks for girls!

Heat your eyelash curler with your hair drier for 30 seconds. Let it cool down for another 20-30 seconds. Use it now to add more volume to your lashes instantly.

Eyelash curler - beauty hack for girls

9] DIY Nail Polish Remover:

Do not fret the next time you are out of nail polish remover!

Mix equal quantities of lemon juice and vinegar for a DIY nail polish remover. This is one of our favourite beauty hacks for girls!

10] Hide Chipped Nail Paint:

Don’t worry if your manicure is not on point!

Apply a thick layer of glitter nail polish on top of your already existing nail paint. It is the perfect distraction from your chipped or overgrown manicure.

11] Dry your Nail Polish Super-Fast:

Dip your freshly painted nails in a mug of cold water. Do this for about 2-3 minutes. Ensure that your nails do not touch the bottom or side of the mug.

Your nails will dry in a jiffy. Isn’t this one of the best beauty tips for girls?

Nailpolish beauty hacks for girls

12] Best Makeup Remover:

The next time you are out of makeup remover, do not fret!

Use organic coconut oil instead. Rub a few drops of liquified coconut oil on your face. Your makeup will melt away magically. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser next.

13] No Lipstick Stains:

Those lipstick stains on your teeth are embarrassing!

Put your finger in your mouth & gently pull it away. Do this immediately after applying lipstick. The excess lipstick will transfer on your finger.

One of the easiest beauty hacks for girls ever!

14] Long Lasting Lipstick:

Hold a light tissue on your lips after applying lipstick. Gently dust some translucent powder over the tissue. Remove the tissue and add another coat of lipstick.

Your lipstick will stay in place the entire day.

Lipstick hack for long lasting lipstick

15] Plump your Lips:

Mix a few drops of peppermint oil into your regular lip gloss. Apply this, and your lips will instantly appear plumper.

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It is one of the most-followed beauty tips for girls.

16] DIY Lip Gloss:

Scrape out the last bits of any pink/mauve eyeshadow that you might have. Mix it with a bit of Vaseline.

A beautiful lip gloss is ready for you! This is amongst the most popular DIY beauty hacks.

DIY lip gloss

17] Dupe Highlighter:

If you want a dewy highlighter effect, stay away from powder highlighters. Lightly dab some clear lip gloss or Vaseline on your cheekbones

Say HELLO to fresh, dewy and glowy cheeks! It is one of the most-loved beauty hacks for girls!

18] Sheer Out / Lighten your Foundation:

Purchased a foundation that is dark for your skin?

Mix it with some moisturiser to lighten it. Swatch it on your jaw to check if you have the perfect shade and consistency.

How to Apply Foundation Flawlessly

Foundation beauty hack

19] Smell Divine All Day Long:

This is amongst those beauty hacks that will change your life.

Apply perfume strategically to smell good all day long. These key points are a must: inside wrist, behind the ear, the base of the neck, inside elbow and behind your knee.

Simple beauty hacks for girls

20] Conditioner as Shaving Gel:

Slather conditioner on your arms and legs before a shave. It will ensure a very smooth shave. Plus, your arms and legs will feel silky smooth for days to come.

Use conditioner as shaving gel

Now that you know these beauty tips for girls, bid goodbye to any hassle! Say hello to a fuss-free beauty routine!

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